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55 YouTube Channel Ideas for Creators To Get Inspired

It’s 3 am. You desperately want to shut your eyes and explore your dreams. But no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to fall asleep. What do you do in this situation? If you’re like many of us, you take out your phone and start scrolling through videos on YouTube. 

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From there, the journey starts. We keep on watching video after video until suddenly, we notice that the sun is rising. 

YouTube has become a huge part of our life. And many YouTubers are making tons of money in the process. 

Seeing the videos, you must have thought at some point, if only I could make a YouTube channel. Well, you definitely can! But without the proper ideas and guidance, you will be the only one watching your videos.

So here in this article, we will talk about the 55 best YouTube channel ideas to get your YouTube career started

55 YouTube Channel Ideas

Now that we’ve got everything sorted out, we need to focus on a channel idea. So, without further ado, here are the 55 YouTube channel ideas to make an amazing channel.

Tech and Gadget Reviews

This is one of the most famous trends on YouTube. Nowadays, people hate to read reviews and articles about tech and gadgets. They often go to YouTube to get other’s perspectives about them. Here is where you come in. 

You can talk about various tech and gadgets. Add some humor, and voila. If you have a knack for explaining stuff, then this is the best choice for you.

Life Hacks

We often look for ideas that make our day-to-day activities simpler or that solve common annoyances for us. That’s why life hacks attract a lot of viewers.

Also, it’s fun to watch these videos! If you are a creative person who loves to try out new things, you should definitely consider making life hacks videos. You can demonstrate tricks that can leave people awestruck or even just save them some time. It can be about budgeting, shopping, health, cooking, crafting – you name it.

Fail Compilations

Who doesn’t love watching someone fall on their face now and then? It may sound inhumane, but this kind of failure can definitely put a smile on our faces. A simple 5-minute video of harmless but funny failures can elevate anyone’s mood.

Heath and Fitness Tips

In this pandemic era, we have all put down some weight. We are eating unhealthy food and living a bad lifestyle. The worst part about it is we can’t even go to the gym. But you can bring the gym to your viewers. 

Make videos about improving health. Show some tricks about bodybuilding and eating healthy. If you feel shy, then you can animate characters for a unique vibe. 

Celeb News

This is a spicy sector of YouTube that never dies. You will always find something interesting and spicy about celebrities. The only bummer is that you have to put videos out daily. You need to be consistent to be successful. 

Food Reviews

Seeing someone eat something has a unique and satisfying feeling. When we see a video with a YouTuber tasting food, we feel like we are eating it, too. Our mouth gets all watery.

Mukbang and food reviews are highly popular. So, if you are a foodie who loves to eat, then take a camera and record.

Cooking Videos

Do you love cooking? Then why not start a cooking YouTube channel? There are a bunch of novices who would love to see your cooking styles and recipes. Make interesting and unique food. Soon, you will have a strong fan following.

How-To Videos

We are not born with all the skills. As we grow up, we learn and explore new things. To do something, we need guidance. Otherwise, we are most likely going to fail.

You can be the guide to millions of people. You can make videos about how to clean your shoe or how to write a poem. The possibilities are endless. 

Prank Videos

A harmless prank video can make anyone laugh. It can be as simple as waking someone up or knocking on someone’s door. People enjoy these types of silly stuff. But make sure it doesn’t harm anyone. 

Travel vlogging

If you are an adventure lover, then this is the idea for you. Just go out and explore the world. Make sure to keep on recording everything you do.

People love watching beautiful scenery and exotic places. The best thing about this idea is you can earn money while making memories. 


Does everybody laugh when you make a joke? Then this is the perfect idea for you. If you can make funny jokes, whether it’s stand-up or just good old-fashioned knock-knock jokes, then you might enjoy recording them. You can make up humorous situations, funny skits, whatever your talent is.

Kitchen Hacks

In this post-pandemic era, people are leaning towards cooking more and more. People love to cook their food and explore rich cuisines at home.

If you like to explore in the kitchen, then this niche is for you. You can also recommend useful gadgets and kitchen accessories to your viewers.

Comic and Superhero

People spend tons of hours reading and watching superhero movies and comics. If you’re one of them, consider creating a channel around your passion. You can discuss the classics and upcoming movies, run superhero-themed challenges, do reviews and unboxings – anything you like as long it’s all about the superheroes.

Fashion and style 

Does everyone come to you for fashion tips? Then it’s because you have a special power of knowing what looks good on someone. So, why not display this ability to the world? Create content about trendy outfits. Talk about ongoing fashion. 

Hairstyle Videos

Maintaining good hair is nearly impossible. No matter how hard you try, it just gets messy after a while. Therefore, people look for tips on online platforms.

Come up with useful ideas about how to keep hair in good shape. Add a bit of humor and personality, and your channel will blow in no time.

Horror Videos

People love to get their adrenaline pumped up. No matter how scary something is, they can’t look away. That’s why creating horror videos is a great way to attract a large audience.

You don’t have to find ghosts or paranormal activities, literally (although that would be amazing). Just discuss horror incidents, movies, or conspiracy theories. 


As I am writing this article, about 10 different sports are happening at the same time. There’s always a game happening. That’s why this is a niche that is never going to die.

Give insights about games and talk about different strategies. Even a simple highlight of the game will cut it. 


This one is for the creative people out there. We all have watched parody videos like Bart Baker or Weird Al. They take any trendy music videos in general and add a funny touch to them. You can do it too. But it needs creativity and effort. 

Movie Reactions

People love to see other people’s reactions to videos. Though it seems easy at a glance, you do need to do some work.

You can’t just sit without making a face and watch the whole clip. You need to let yourself react and make authentic expressions as you watch and give opinions and insights to make the videos more engaging. 

Drawing and Sketching

Do you love making doodles and sketches in the back of your notebook? Then why not show it to the world? There is something aesthetic about watching someone draw a beautiful sketch. So, you can be sure you will get tons of viewers. 

Musical Instrument Tutorials

You bought a guitar about three years ago. You started practicing every day and learned all the chords. But no one seems to appreciate your skills and efforts.

Everybody thinks playing music is a waste of time. Well, it’s not. Maybe people around you can’t appreciate it, but there are millions of others who want to learn. So why not make videos about it? 

Dance Tutorials

Everyone is a bathroom dancer. We crank up the music and dance our feet off. But some of us actually have a talent for dancing. If you do, then take a camera and show your skill to the world.

Baby Videos

Babies make our hearts melt. Those smiles and expressions can make everyone go, “Awwww.” So, if you have a baby in the house, record him/her.

Record all her silly mistakes and adorable gestures. Who knows, by the time she grows up, she will have millions of admirers.


You are having a bad day. Nothing seems to go right. You are lying in bed and contemplating life. Suddenly, your pet dog jumps and cuddles you. All your sorrows go flying away. You can capture this kind of moment and put it on YouTube. 

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are entertaining. They might contain hilarious failures and funny interactions, or they might simply give an interesting glimpse into what went into a video. You can get these videos by contacting the original creators for permission to repost. If they give it to you, put it up on YouTube. People will love it.

Education Channel

If you’re passionate and have some expertise on a particular topic, consider creating an educational channel around it to share your info, insights, and perspectives. Or, create a channel focused on helping students prepare for particular exams, master course topics, learn a new language, etc. 

Car/ Bike Reviews

People go crazy over cars and bikes. Some are just enthusiasts, while others don’t have the privilege of buying them. Either way, it’s a huge fan base. When you make exciting reviews about new models, people won’t be able to resist watching your video. 

Gaming videos

Gaming videos have grown massively in popularity over the years. If you love gaming, then don’t hesitate. Look for some popular games like PUBG or Fortnite. Who knows, one day, you will be even bigger than PewDiePie.

Viral Challenges

Each year, some trend hits the internet like a storm. Mannequin, Ice Bucket, you name it. People go into a frenzy and start doing these challenges. Why not you? Just go with the flow.

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We all want to find inner peace. We want to sit back and relax. But with such a monotonous life, it’s difficult. That’s why we need someone to guide us. This someone can be you. Do interesting and effective yoga positions and share them on YouTube.

Helpful apps

There are so many apps that can make our everyday lives a lot easier. Most people don’t know about them. If you know about such helpful apps, talk about them in your videos. It could help millions of people.

Animated Stories

We all have little moments and stories in our lives that can spark emotion in others. Why don’t you share these beautiful stories through animation? You’ll need to do a lot of work, but when you start to get a following and positive feedback, it will be worth it. 

Daily Vlogging

Do you love capturing yourself every day on the camera? Then why not turn those into YouTube videos? There are millions of people who might enjoy knowing more about your life.

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Motivational videos

When we fail, we feel like the whole world is coming down on us. In this time of distress, we need someone to motivate us. This someone can be you. Inspire millions of people!

Lifestyle Videos

We sometimes slack off and get lazy. Our lifestyles devolve until they’re horrendous, and we just don’t feel like we’re going anywhere anymore. We may wonder what we are doing with our life. In this situation, we look at lifestyle videos and get inspired by them. You can inspire other people’s lifestyles.

Magic Tricks

You can learn amazing magic tricks and add your own vibe to them. Also, you can make digital illusions using editing software. These videos will amaze people.


There is something oddly satisfying about things getting destroyed. For example, you can set out a ruined piece of furniture that was going to be thrown out anyway and destroy it with a hammer rod. It can sometimes get quite dangerous. So, be careful.

Book Reviews

You are reading a book without seeing the reviews. In the middle part, you suddenly realize that the story is pretty bad. All your time got wasted. That’s why book reviews are important. You can save people’s precious time by giving reviews.

Top X lists

List videos get to the top of the YouTube page because of the attractive title alone. So, there is a huge potential for becoming successful. Make lists about anything. Movies, TV shows, songs.

Gardening tips

Gardening is the only source of excitement in our otherwise mundane lives. It is a popular way for individuals to release stress from their daily lives. You can give them handy tips. Also, talk about different strategies to get more results. 

Facts About Me

Talk about interesting facts about yourself. People love to know about strangers on the internet. They sometimes can connect with themselves.

Draw my life

You don’t need fancy art skills or equipment for this. Just take a whiteboard and pen. Draw stories and experiences of your life.

Workout video

Seeing someone else work out pumps us as well. So, while you work out, capture the moment. It will motivate others to stop being lazy.


We all have heard crazy conspiracies that just boggle our minds. Why not try to bust them?

Lip Syncing

You don’t need to be a singer to make it big on YouTube. Just lip sync and make funny expressions to a popular song. People will love it. 

Walkthrough Videos

While playing a game, we sometimes get stuck. Either it’s a terrifying boss or a mysterious puzzle. This is where we need someone to help us out. You can be the savior.


Normal videos often don’t capture the true essence of a moment. Time-lapse videos are amazing. They highlight all the small details perfectly.

Collection Videos

We all secretly collect things. For some, it’s logos, while others collect coins. Show these collections to the world.

Unboxing Videos

When you unbox something, it gives a certain pleasure. The same goes when we watch someone else unbox a product. It’s exciting. 

Introduction Videos

People don’t just want to know about you. They want to know about the people close to you. So turn the camera around and introduce your loved ones to your viewers. 

Explaining videos

We can’t understand everything in the world. Either it’s a service, product, or movie. So, do some research and explain the concept to the viewers. 

Home Tour

Show your viewer how you live. Talk about different aspects of your home. People will be able to take ideas from it.

Karaoke Videos

Find a good song and sing your heart out. Even your viewers will sing along with you. Make sure you don’t face any copyright issues.

Q&A videos

Audiences love it when you interact with them. So, take a Q&A session. This could be done in real time via livestream, or you could simply ask for questions and then make a video with you answering the most common or interesting ones that get posted. This can also be a nice thing to incorporate into many of the other channel ideas and will help create a sense of community with your viewers.

Recreate Videos

Do you love watching a scene from your favorite movie? Then why don’t you recreate it? Make it alive by doing silly impressions of it. Do it well enough, and audiences will lose their minds.

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Tips To Create a Successful YouTube channel

Before coming up with a good idea, you need to keep certain things in mind. YouTube is a competitive platform. Without a plan, no one will notice your videos. So, here are some of the best tips to create a successful YouTube channel. 


We’ve all come across YouTube channels with awful audio. Poor audio equipment can mean anything from videos that sound tin canny to videos where viewers can’t make out what’s being said due to distracting background noses. You don’t want your videos to be like that, do you? Then you have to get some quality equipment for audio and video recording. 

The camera is important, but these days, even the camera on a cheaper smartphone is “good enough” for getting started, but your audio is a big deal. Whether you do commentary or make sketch videos, your voice is going to attract a lot of people.

That’s why it’s a must for you to have a good microphone. Also, learn some basic audio and video recording skills. We’ll be posting some articles to help you get started soon.

Knowing SEO

When you visit YouTube, you’ll see the search bar at the top of the home page. Here, people type different keywords to watch their favorite videos.

This part is crucial. Once they type in their search and hit go, the list of search results becomes your direct competition for those keywords. You want your video to be high on the list. If it’s too far down, the user may never see it because, with so many videos on YouTube, they’ll likely find something else before they scroll all the way down to you. 

If your video has good keywords, then it’s most likely going to rank higher in the results. 

That’s why you need to use keywords effectively. Analyze what people are searching for these days. Make attractive titles with proper keywords. 


Is it profitable to start a YouTube channel?

Yes, it is. You can earn money through affiliate marketing and YouTube AdSense. You can also earn profits by sponsoring products or other videos. Even collaborating with other YouTubers allows you to earn a profit.

What should I start a YouTube channel about?

The first thing you need to do is research. Check out what is trending. If you make content on something irrelevant, no one will bat an eye.

Therefore, check out some successful YouTube channels and take inspiration from them. 

How do you get 4000 hours on YouTube?

You need 4000 viewing hours on YouTube before you’ll be eligible for monetization. To do this, you need to be consistent and post new videos regularly and often. Promote your channel extensively on other platforms. Find relevant and trendy topics to make videos on.

Slowly increase the quality of your videos by incorporating good themes. Use analytics to keep track of hours. Soon enough, you will hit 4000 hours on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

We all aspire to be on YouTube. We want to see people recognizing our videos. But without a good channel idea, no one will see the videos.

That’s why it’s important to find an idea that attracts people. With these ideas, soon you will be on the front page of YouTube. 

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