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20+ Best Prank Channels on YouTube You’ll Enjoy Watching

Love it or hate it, most of us have been part of a prank or two one way or another. While pranksters have a blast on their end, the pranked people may end up feeling irritated and angry or be humiliated in some way.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

And while good pranks really don’t need to cause issues for anyone, many pranksters take it a bit overboard, creating an atmosphere where the victims of their pranks don’t appreciate being involved. The best pranks are funny, entertaining, and even surprising, all without causing pain, harm, or embarrassment to others.

If you want to enjoy watching people getting pranked, what do you do? It’s simple: you hop into YouTube, find the best prank channels, and kick back.

To help you in this task, I have gathered some of the all-time best prank channels on YouTube, categorized by their subscriber count in this article. So, without further ado, let’s go and meet the masters, shall we? 

21 Best Prank Channels on YouTube

Although there are a lot of channels that are based on pranks on YouTube, I’ve researched (and had a great number of laughs) thoroughly and categorized the following channels based on their subscriber counts and community.

And here are the best 21 prank channels currently available on YouTube:

  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

Subscriber Count: 15.6M Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

One of the most renowned and oldest pranksters on YouTube, Roman Atwood, is considered one of the legends of YouTube pranking.

He started small by pulling pranks on his friends, and now he’s a big-timer who doesn’t even hesitate to cover his entire house with toilet paper (note that he did that before the COVID outbreak and doesn’t support the hoarding and wastage mentality).

So, if you want some innovative and crazy out-of-the-box pranks, then this is the channel for you.

  1. Just for Laughs Pranks 

Subscriber Count: 11.4 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

If you want to see pranks done on random people in public, then Just for Laughs Pranks is the perfect channel for you.

Based on the idea of a hidden camera placed in public places, Just for Laughs provides one of the funniest and most wholesome pranks I’ve ever seen on YouTube. 

  1. Jesse 

Subscriber Count: 10.7 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

Starting off with his girlfriend Jenna, Jesse was one of the couple sensations on YouTube mainstream with their innovative pranks and colorful relationship goals.

This channel generated a good number of active viewers, which landed them great sponsorship deals and whatnot. And although the couple broke up in 2020, Jesse continues to produce pranks and funny videos on the channel.

Still, Jesse provides pranks that are lovely to see if you want to enjoy nitty-gritty pranks that you can pull off on your significant other and the public in general.

  1. fouseyTube   

Subscriber Count: 10.5 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

One of the earliest prank channels on YouTube, fouseyTube got instant recognition with its innovative pranks that addressed the fantasy of ordinary people. The channel blew up seven years ago when Fousey posted a video titled: ‘Spiderman Prank in Real Life.’

Now, with his affiliation with various rappers, the channel has stopped posting videos completely, and the owner has opened a new YouTube channel to pursue his career in hip hop.

But the contents that remain are still funny as ever, and who knows, given time, the channel might get up and running again.  

  1. HoomanTV

Subscriber Count: 10.4 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

What is it that people want to see? What are the pranks that could never age? These questions were precisely on my mind when Hooman was trying to figure out what contents his channel would have.

He landed on what might be the most significant desire for men and women all across the world, and that is pranking on different aspects of dating people and asking them out. And it worked.

But many portrayals of females in some of his videos can come off as offensive to some, but keep in mind, all was done in goodwill. Even so, his videos aren’t for everyone.

If you want to go for a good old laugh, then HoomanTV is there for you.   

  1. VitalyzdTv

Subscriber Count: 10.1 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

This prank channel is the brainchild of Russian-born Vitaly, who puts on innovative pranks whenever he gets the chance.

He got his big break in 2012 when he posted his Miami zombie prank, which immediately became one of the most extensively viewed prank videos of that time, giving this young man a great future with YouTube.

 So, if innovation drives you, then this channel should be on your top list.

  1. MagicofRahat

Subscriber Count: 7.16 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

One of the most recent uprising pranks channels, The Magic of Rahat, follows the innovative pranks of magician Rahat, who is most famous for his ingenious pranks on drive-throughs. 

His signature move is to follow up every video with an interesting (mostly horrific) pop-culture character and playing pranks while in a drive-through.

  1. Rémi GAILLARD

Subscriber Count: 7.14 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

One of the most beloved prank channels on YouTube, Rémi GAILLARD provides prank videos ranging from Mario carts to bottle flip challenges.

And if you enjoy innovative pranks on various pop culture and current trends, then the Rémi GAILLARD prank channel should be your next enjoyment destination.

  1. Coby Persin

Subscriber Count: 6.23 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

Did you ever hear of Uber pranks? Then you might’ve already come across Coby Persin and his Uber pranks.

The entire channel is based on the real-life pranks Coby puts on while driving an Uber car, and let me tell you, he provides one of the best pranks out there.

So, if you enjoy a good laugh while in the cab, then definitely check out Coby Persin.

  1. DM Pranks 

Subscriber Count: 4.85 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

If you aren’t afraid of monsters and horror clowns, then DM Pranks may be the best YouTube prank channel available for you. 

Their whole prank always revolves around horror movie characters that will jump scare you any time, and the people’s reaction is quite funny to watch. (But it can also give you PTSD, just joking).

So, if watching jump scare prank reactions is your niche, then DM pranks are perfect for you.

  1. Jalals

Subscriber Count: 4.39 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

This prank channel from Melbourne-born three brothers is hilarious, to say the least. They put out public pranks, and the people’s reactions to them are just extremely funny.

Along with that, they have content helping the homeless that is wholesome for everyone.

  1. Whatever 

Subscriber Count: 3.9 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

It started off as a normal pranking channel, which has recently gained a high count of subscribers with its influential prank videos based on the real-world crisis in the USA. 

So, if you want to follow a reasonable prank channel that is not afraid to post videos and make fun of real-world problems, then you should subscribe to Whatever right now!

  1. howtoPRANKitup 

Subscriber Count: 3.08 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

If you want to learn how to prank with a live demonstration, then there is no alternative to howtoPRANKitup. These two brothers will teach you every nook and canny you need to know of pranking someone. 

And what’s more, you will have a blast learning them, or even if you don’t want to know how to prank someone, their demonstration of people and themselves will surely bring a burst of laughter. I can ensure that. 

So, suppose you were ever interested in sophisticated pranks on your friends and family. In that case, you should definitely give this channel a go because it might just become your favorite channel on YouTube.

Stuart Edge Subscriber Count: 2.46 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

Stuart Edge is not just any prankster on YouTube; this person’s pranks often end with a message for the less fortunate, and he tries to give to the community as much as he can, whether it’s magic tricks, teddy bears, or giving money to the homeless. 

I can guarantee you that this YouTuber will win your heart if you watch him because you don’t get called to Jimmy Fallon unless you are really good at what you do. 

So, if wholesomeness and pranks are what you are after, then go visit Stuart Edge and his contents. 

  1. LAHWF

Subscriber Count: 2.32 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

Another great prankster turned life vlogger, LAHWF is run by Andrew Hales, who started off by pulling pranks on his friends and girlfriends and then slowly moved up to more intensive and extreme pranks.

He also conducts podcasts and talk shows on his channel, which also gives insight into many views the society has for pranksters like him.

And don’t worry, his podcasting content is funny and almost always has some prank elements.  

  1. Improv Everywhere

Subscriber Count: 1.91 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

We all know what improv is, right? But this time, imagine it anywhere and anyplace. That’s the core concept of Improv Everywhere. And the content they put out has the quality, to say the least.

However, their uploading consistency rate is lower compared to other prank channels on YouTube.

You need to keep in mind that the content that they are putting out is similar to none. That’s why I give them a pass-over continuity.

  1. Prank ON 

Subscriber Count: 1.73 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

Prank ON is one of the new and up-and-coming YouTube prank channels on the block. Not even a year after their arrival, they have already gained a subscriber count of over a million. 

Their pranks are based on impressing girls and asking them out, which doesn’t sound that funny and shouldn’t even be that hilarious, but it is, and people seem to like it a lot, too.

So, be sure to give it a try; it might just become your guilty pleasure, who knows!

  1. Mediocre Films  

Subscriber Count: 1.7 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

Mediocre films are focused on two things- making fun and making people’s lives a bit happier. They pull off crazy pranks along with making sure people are getting the happiness they deserve.

I personally loved their approach to making content and highly recommend that you check them out, too.

  1. Jack Vale Films

Subscriber Count: 1.58 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

Do you find the idea of a guy in his mid-40s doing pranks? Then you will love the dad jokes along with hilarious pranks that Jack Vale comes up with.

And what’s more, you can watch his content with your family without feeling uncomfortable, which is a great plus if you want to laugh out loud with your people!

  1. PrankCity

Subscriber Count: 1.45 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

Another great prank channel, PrankCity, is famous for its diverse and innovative pranks that are sure to make you laugh any time of the day.

So, if you are a connoisseur of pranks, then PrankCity can serve you any type of prank that your soul desires.  

  1. Chris Chann 

Subscriber Count: 1.42 million Subscribers 

Channel Link: Click Here

About Channel

lifestyle vlogger, Chris Chann is also widely known as a prankster who goes all the way for one single prank.

So, if you are interested in expensive pranks, then Chris is the guy whose channel you should be looking into.

Who Is the Biggest Prank Man in the World?

No, I don’t want to crown someone as the biggest prank man in the world and spark a debate in the comments (please, don’t cancel me!)

Each of the pranksters mentioned above is beloved by millions of fans, and while one group of people may like a person, others may not.

My personal favorite prankster is Rémi GAILLARD, a great guy doing innovative and fun pranks without harming anyone in the process. Who’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. These are my top picks regarding the best prank channels on YouTube.

I personally enjoy all of their content and hope that you will find the best prank channels on YouTube for yourself from my recommendations. 

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