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125 YouTube Challenges

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If you’re looking to spice up your YouTube channel with the help of trending and viral-worthy YouTube challenges, we’ve got you covered.

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YouTube content nowadays is all about creating the most engaging content that people will love to watch.

From MrBeast’s crazy Squid Game video to Ryan Trahan’s penny challenge, creative and unusual challenges have become big hits.

So, if you want to rise to fame, take a look at this list of 130 popular YouTube challenges.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the challenges listed below are riskier than others. It’s up to you to determine which challenges are appropriate for your situation. Only do challenges if you can do them safely, ethically, and legally. Never cause harm to yourself or others for the sake of a challenge. We are not responsible for any outcome, good or bad, if you decide to try any of these challenges.

Trending YouTube and TikTok Challenges

#1 Surviving on a Penny Challenge

This one may seem simple, but it can be pretty tricky to handle, depending on how you go about it.

In the penny challenge, you start with $0.01 and try to increase your money as much as possible.

You can do this by finding creative ways to make money, such as starting a small business or doing odd jobs.

Tasks such as food delivery, selling water bottles or sodas, and walking dogs can help you get an initial boost.

The goal is to survive for a day, week, or month with the money you make. Whatever you make is all you can use for food, transportation, and other essentials.

#2 A to Z Shopping Challenge

If you’re a shopaholic like me, this challenge is the one you’ll enjoy the most. You have to buy one item for every letter of the alphabet. You can do this in any order and use any stores you want.

The only rule is that the items must start with the corresponding letter. For example, you could buy an apple for A, a book for B, and so forth.

#3 Watch it Once TikTok Challenge

This challenge is simple: watch a video on TikTok once and then try it yourself – but you don’t get to rewatch it, so you better pay attention the first time!

This could be following a dance tutorial, trying a new recipe, or learning a magic trick. Complete the tasks in the video before moving on to the next one. 

You may not end up being very good at the activity, but it’ll be fun to watch nonetheless. You can start with easy videos and then work up to more difficult ones.

This could be a fun way to explore new content on TikTok and try out some of the popular challenges and trends on the platform.

#4 No Hands vs. One Hands vs. Two Hands Challenge

In this challenge, you perform various tasks using either no hands, one hand, or two hands.

For example, you could brush your teeth with no hands, eat an entire pizza with one hand, or try to fold a sheet using two hands.

Get creative and have fun with it.

#5 Mystery Drink Challenge

This one is for all you party animals out there. In the mystery drink challenge, you have to take a sip of a mystery drink and try to guess what’s in it.

You can make your own drinks or have someone else make them for you. The key is to not know what’s in the drink before taking a sip and to not refuse to drink it.

This could lead to some interesting (and possibly gross) results. This challenge can be done either alone or with friends.

#6 100 Mystery Buttons Challenge

How do you feel about getting stuck in a box with 100 mystery buttons around you, only one of which will let you out of the box?

In this challenge, you’ll be placed in a room (or box) with several buttons, and your goal is to find the one button that opens the door.

If you press the right button, you get to be free. However, if you press the wrong one, you’ll get some form of punishment, such as eating weird food or having bubbles drop on you.

Depending on your budget, you can get pretty creative with the punishments. 

#7 Trying The SQUID GAME Honeycomb Challenge:

You all must have watched the biggest Netflix show of recent times – The Squid Game. If you haven’t, I highly recommend bingeing it right now… like, right now!

If you’ve already seen it, you’re familiar with the honeycomb, aka Dalgona candy challenge.

Simply put, the Dalgona candy has different shapes imprinted on it, and you have to cut around the shape with a needle. Be careful not to crack the shape while cutting it. If you do so, you get a punishment.

This challenge is not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely a fun one to watch.

#8 Tortilla Slap Challenge

The tortilla slap challenge involves people filling their mouths with water. Now play a game of rock, paper, scissors. 

If you lose the round, you have to take a step back and let the person who won slap you with a wet tortilla. Whoever spits out the water first loses the challenge.

The loser gets a wet tortilla slap to the face. This is a hilarious challenge that is sure to get some laughs.

#9 Anything You Can Carry I’ll Pay for Challenge

For this challenge, you and a person can go to any store of your choice. You’ll pay for anything the other person can carry out of the store without dropping.

You can set a time limit or a number of items limit. 

YouTube Challenges To Do With Friends

#10 Say Anything Challenge

Gather all your friends because this challenge requires you to have at least two players or more. In this challenge, the goal is to say a random word when it becomes your turn.

The catch, you may ask? 

You can’t say the same word twice, and you aren’t allowed to hesitate when saying a word. If you break either of the rules, then your friends get to choose a punishment for you. 

You can get as savage as you want with this one, but many YouTubers put tape on their faces.

Whoever has the least amount of tape on their face or the least amount of punishments wins! Sounds easy, right? Think again! 

#11 Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Prepare to howl like a hyena with this challenge. The Try Not to Laugh challenge is one of the best and easiest YouTube challenges. You can play this with your friends or with one other person. 

The point of the challenge is to not laugh or grin while watching funny videos. Oh yeah, you also have to have a mouth full of water to make the challenge even more difficult!

Keep the towels handy, and don’t spit water all over your laptop, okay?

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#12 Internet Slang Challenge

Calling all cool cats, it’s time to test your internet slang! For this challenge, you are going to need at least two players.

The challenge’s goal is to figure out the word or phrase without looking it up in the urban dictionary. 

This challenge is fun for all ages, and I think it’s hilarious when younger and older generations play together. Are you up to date on the latest slang?

#13 Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

This challenge is straightforward but hilarious to do and watch!

The challenge’s goal is to do another person’s makeup while blindfolded without knowing which makeup products you are using. 

Whoever has the best-looking face at the end wins the challenge! Easy enough, right?

#14 Speed Drawing Challenge

In this challenge, the goal is for you and your friends to draw a picture in a concise amount of time. The person with the best drawing wins the challenge. 

Make sure you have a judge and play a few rounds to see how artistic you can get. You can even get your audience to comment on what they want you to draw!

#15 Whisper Challenge

This challenge is one of my favorites and has been played by so many people worldwide – including your favorite celebrities!

One partner wears noise-canceling headphones with the music playing, and the other person says a sentence. 

The person wearing the headphones must guess what the person said by lip-reading. You are guaranteed to get weird and hilarious results with this one!

#16 7-Second Challenge

The goal of the 7-second challenge is to complete a task within 7 seconds! You can play multiple rounds and switch up the challenges to make it your own.

The person with the most completed tasks wins!

#17 Not My Hand’s Challenge

This challenge requires you to tie your hands behind your back and have someone else pretend that their arms are yours while they complete tasks like eating food, doing makeup, you name it! 

This challenge is so easy and fun because the person using their hands can’t see what they are doing!

#18 Accent Challenge

I like to think that I have a pretty pristine English accent. My friends think otherwise. The accent challenge’s point is to try and say words and sentences in an accent that isn’t your own! 

Put a bunch of sayings and accents into two hats and pick them at random. Whoever does the best accent after each round wins the challenge!

#19 Blindfold Drawing Challenge

The blindfold drawing challenge is another great YouTube challenge that is sure to make you go viral! You are going to need at least two people for this challenge and a judge. 

The challenge’s object is to pick a random item or scenario and draw it as best as you can while blindfolded! 

This is a great way to have your audience participate in the challenge. Whoever has the best drawings at the end of each round wins. Are you the next DaVinci?

#20 Cling Film Challenge

The challenge involves you wrapping your friends up in cling wrap. After they have been wrapped up, they have to try and escape from the seal as quickly as possible! 

This challenge is super fun and hilarious to watch! Just be careful not to hurt yourself. 

#21 Prank War Challenge

The prank war challenge is also one of the classic YouTube challenges that are still popular to date. You can play this with another person, on teams, or against a group of your friends. 

The goal of the challenge is to prank someone else for an allotted period. Twenty-four hours, a week, or a whole month! You decide. 

Film each prank, and whoever your followers choose at the end of the prank war wins!

#22 Innuendo Bingo Challenge

I absolutely love this challenge. Grab two chairs and face them towards each other. Sit in front of your partner, and you both fill your mouth with water. 

Then turn on YouTube innuendos and try not to laugh! Just be prepared to get wet because you’re bound to spit water on your opponent at least once!

Whoever has the least amount of water on them after the rounds are done wins!

#23 What’s In the Box Challenge

This challenge is so simple to do but oh so fun! You are going to want to grab two boxes and cut a hole into the sides of them. 

Place items into the container and try to guess what object you are touching. People who have previously done this challenge have put some pretty crazy things into the boxes, like lizards, spiders, and other weird animals!

Do you think you have what it takes to guess the object without getting scared?

#24 Try Not to Sing Challenge

I don’t think I would be good at this challenge. I am notorious for singing all the time, whether people like it or not! 

The challenge is to play really catchy popular songs without trying to sing along and move the music’s beat.

This is such a tremendous and family-friendly challenge that is so much fun to do. Whoever remains still and silent throughout each round wins!

#25 Best Friend Tag Challenge

Calling all besties! The best friend challenge is another way for your followers to get to know you better. 

The point of the challenge is to ask you and your best friend questions about each other and see how many correct answers you get at the end of the questions list.

Whoever has the most correct answers wins the title of being a better friend!

#26 Last One to Leave Challenge

What if I told you that you could potentially win a car in this challenge? Grab an expensive item and gather your friends around it. 

The goal of the challenge is to see who can keep the hand on the item the longest.

People have done this with cars and other random items. Whoever is left standing wins! Give me that Mercedes, please!

#27 Singing Gargle Challenge

The singing gargle challenge is also such a classic and fun challenge. The channel’s goal is to drink a sip of water and gargle it while trying to sing a specific song. 

Your partner will have to guess which song you chose. Trust me, this isn’t as easy as it looks!

#28 Lie Detector Challenge

This challenge is so hilarious. The point of the challenge is to get hooked up to a lie detector test while your partner and friends ask you hilarious questions. 

You can get as creative and personal as you want because the person won’t have the chance to lie! The results are entertaining every time, and this kind of video is sure to get people talking!

#29 Backwards Challenge

This challenge requires one or two more people to do. The point of the challenge is to try and pronounce words backward as quickly as possible without hesitating! 

You can even have the other person try and guess which word you are saying. Whoever guesses the most words correctly wins!

#30 Brand Name vs Generic Brand Name Challenge

Can you tell the difference between a brand name product and the generic brand equivalnt?

This food challenge requires one player to be blindfolded while others feed them the brand name and generic foods. 

The blindfolded person will then have to guess and correctly choose between each of the brands. Do you think you can tell the difference with just your tastebuds?

#31 Egg Roulette Challenge

In the egg roulette challenge, you are going to need a partner and 6 eggs. Out of the 6 eggs, you will hard boil 5 of them and leave the other un-boiled. 

The players will take turns choosing an egg out of the carton and smashing it on the other head. Whoever gets the raw egg on their head loses!

#32 Whipped Cream Challenge

For this challenge, you are going to have to buy the Pie Face Game.

The game’s point is to spin the wheel and turn the dial; however, many times, the wheel indicates until someone gets pied in the face. 

Play as many rounds as you want with this, and good luck not getting pied!

#33 Duct Tape Challenge

In this challenge, you will duct tape one of your friends to a chair and have them try to un-tape themselves as quickly as possible. 

Tape their hands and feet as well and see how long it takes them to get out free! Just be careful with this one because you can hurt yourself.

#34 Heads Up Challenge

In the heads-up challenge, the goal is to describe a person, place, or thing to your partner without saying the word or name itself.

The other player has to guess as many words as they can within 60 seconds. 

You can download a heads-up app on your phone or write a bunch of topics onto pieces of paper! Whoever guesses more after 60 seconds wins!

#35 What’s That Smell Challenge

In the What’s That Smell challenge, players will put on a blindfold while the other person has them smell many random items. 

The blindfolded person will then have to guess that smell and see if they can think what the object is! Trust me, this one can get stinky.

#36 Pause Challenge

In this challenge, you can “pause” the other player for one minute. Once you have been paused, the player cannot speak or move for the entire 60 seconds. 

You can choose to pause the player at random anywhere and at any time! Many people go to public places and do this challenge, which makes the content absolutely hilarious!

#37 Guess the Movie Challenge

Do you think you know everything about movies? If you think you do, then you should definitely try out this challenge! 

You and a couple of your friends will guess a movie by listening to a famous movie quote.

Whoever guesses the movie name gets the point! And, of course, whoever has the most points at the end of the challenge wins!

#38 No Thumbs Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to complete simple tasks without the use of your thumbs! 

Tape your thumbs to your hands and pick a series of tasks to try out that require your thumbs and see if you can complete them! 

Whoever wins the most rounds wins the whole challenge! Who knew our thumbs were so useful!

#39 Obey the Cards Challenge

In this challenge, you and your friends will play the popular game Quelf, which you can find online. You will have to obey the instructions on the card that you draw. 

If you obey what the card says, then you get to move to the next round! Be the first to correctly answer to win!

# 40 Extreme Waxing Challenge

This challenge is not so pretty for the boys. The goal of the challenge is to have your friends wax your legs without you making a sound. 

If you scream, they get to wax off more hair. Do you think you could stay quiet?

#41 Two Truths and A Lie Challenge

Two Truths and a Lie is another excellent challenge game to play with a group of people. The object of the game is to say two truths and a lie about yourself. 

The other players will then have to differentiate between the three. If they guess correctly, they get the point. Whoever has the most points wins! 

#42 The Floor is Lava Challenge

The floor is a lava challenge that everyone should have played at least once when they were younger. If you didn’t, then I’m sorry because this game is a classic! 

The basics of the game are that the floor is lava, and you cannot touch it. Whoever stays off the floor the longest wins!

#43 Shock Ball Challenge

The shock ball challenge is like playing hot potato, but worse.

Players will pass the shock ball as quickly as possible around the circle until the shock ball runs out of time and shocks a person. 

If you get shocked, you are out. The circle will get smaller and smaller over time. Whoever makes it until the end wins!

#44 Bottle Flip Challenge

Ah, the classic bottle flip challenge.

If you know anything about the bottle flip challenge, you’ll know that it gets super intense, super quick. The challenge’s goal is to flip the bottle with water in it and make it stand upright. 

You can try flipping the bottle on different surfaces or try and use different-sized bottles to test your luck!

Do you have a good enough trick shot?

#45 Parkour Challenge

The parkour challenge is a challenge that involves a bunch of friends. The object of the challenge is to play tag, but parkour-style like they do on TV. 

Play at a park and see how many tricks you can pull without getting caught. Just make sure to be safe with this one; we wouldn’t want you to break anything.

#46 Try Not to Make a Sound Challenge

Try not to make a sound challenge that is played in a group of 3 or more people. 

The challenge’s object is to do certain activities, like opening a can or opening a pop bottle without making a sound at all. It’s time to activate your stealth mode.

#47 Mute Challenge

The mute challenge is similar to the pause challenge. Except, instead of pausing, the other person can essentially mute you whenever they want for 60 seconds. 

These are great to do in public and can get quite hilarious and creative! You should definitely try this one out with your friends!

#48 Truth or Drink Challenge

The Truth or Drink Challenge is a great drinking game (if you are of the legal drinking age, I might add). 

The game’s object is to answer truthfully someone’s question or take a sip of your drink! You can even add dares to this challenge as well!

#49 Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge

This is also another one of my favorites. Extreme hide-and-seek takes this challenge to a whole other level. The goal of the game is to stay hidden, of course. 

But, instead of playing in your home, you play outside in the neighborhood or at a chosen location like a park, shopping center, etc. How long do you think you could stay hidden?

#50 Most Likely to and Not Challenge

This game is excellent for playing with your family and even your parents!

You will ask a series of questions, and your parents will have to write down the name of your name or your sibling’s name of who they think are most or most likely not to do. 

For example, most likely to sneak or most reasonable to never get married! Make the questions as creative as you can! The reactions are hilarious!

#51 Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge

You need people to play this challenge and two versions of food: one that is real and one that is gummy candy. 

The participants will flip a coin to see who eats what. The challenges get super crazy, and people have come up with some fantastic gummy food items to eat.

#52 Speech Jammer Challenge

In this challenge, you will put on headphones and play a sound that makes it super difficult to talk while playing. 

The challenge’s goal is to try and say a sentence or sing a song as the speech jammer is playing. Whoever does the best job trying out different songs and sentences wins!

#53 Lego Challenge

This challenge requires two players, but it is super simple and fun to do. 

Buy two Lego sets and see which participant can make the Lego set the fastest! The loser of the challenge has to endure punishment for finishing last! 

#54 Q-Tip Dart Challenge

For the Q-Tip Challenge, you will need two participants and white shirts that you can draw a target on. 

Participants will stand far away from the other person while trying to hit their target by blowing the Q-tip through the air. Whoever gets the most points wins!

#55 Balloon Animal Challenge

This is another excellent and creative challenge that is super fun and family-friendly! The challenge is to try and make a balloon animal as close to the real thing as you can get! 

The person who makes the balloon animal look like the reference balloon wins!

#56 Try Not to Cringe Challenge

This challenge can be played by yourself or with a group of friends. 

The goal of the challenge is to watch a bunch of weird and cringy YouTube or TikTok videos without cringing or turning the video off.

Do you think you can make it through this challenge?

#57 Nintendo Switch Challenge

This challenge can be done with a Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PS5.

Whichever you choose! You and another friend will challenge each other to a bunch of fun games available on each console. Whoever wins the most rounds wins the challenge!

#58 Not My Legs Challenge

The Not My Legs challenge is very similar to the Not My Arms challenge we mentioned before. You will need two people for this challenge. 

One person will use the legs of the other person and pose in funny and weird poses. Record your reactions and take photos of the gram all at once!

#59 Condom Challenge

This challenge involves filling up a condom with water, holding it above your head, and letting go. 

If you do this challenge correctly, the condom should fall on your head entirely without the water splashing or the condom breaking.

This challenge is super funny and is still viral despite coming out a couple of months ago!

#60 Silent Challenge

In the silent challenge, you and many of your friends will watch a series of scary, weird, and funny videos and see who can remain silent the longest.

Easy enough, right? Or so you think!

#61 Can’t Say No Challenge

In this challenge, one person will not be able to say no for an allotted amount of time. 

The other person will get to choose what the other person does! These reactions are hilarious and are sure to make you go viral!

#62 Charlie Charlie Pencil Challenge

This challenge has become a huge trend online. The challenge’s objective is to call the ghost of a boy named Charlie in a séance setup. 

You will need paper and two pens. Write yes and no in the four corners of the article. Balance the pencils in the center of the paper in a cross. 

Say the words, Charlie, Charlie, are you there? to summon your spirit. If the pencil moves towards the yes, you can ask Charlie questions.

To end the game, you have to ask him to stop playing.

YouTube Food Challenges

#63 Bean Boozled Challenge

Do you love jelly beans? Well, I can promise you, you won’t be a fan of these ones! The Bean Boozled Challenge is based on the jelly bean flavor from Harry Potter. 

If you were a die-hard fan like we are, you’d remember the jelly beans have either excellent or disgusting flavors. The catch, however, is that you don’t know which one you’re going to get

Do you think you have what it takes to eat a soap-flavored candy or one that tastes like grass?

Put your abilities to the test with this fun challenge that is perfect for playing with your friends and family. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

#64 Cinnamon Challenge

This one is the OG challenge that started all challenges online! And years later, it’s still one of the most hilarious YouTube challenges out there. 

The point of the Cinnamon Challenge is to eat a spoonful of cinnamon and record your reaction. Contrary to popular belief, cinnamon doesn’t taste good in spoonfuls! 

And I can guarantee you that your response won’t be what you expect until it actually happens. Just make sure you have a big glass of milk or water handy because you’re going to need it –trust me.

#65 Chubby Bunny Challenge

This next challenge is also a classic and one of the first YouTube challenges to hit the web way back in the day, but nonetheless, this challenge is still a great one! 

The goal of the chubby bunny challenge is to see how many marshmallows or chubby bunnies you can fit in your mouth while saying “chubby bunny.” 

If you can clearly and correctly pronounce the word “chubby bunny,” then hats off to you because you get to move on to the next round!

Challenge your friends to see how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth at once! 

Just make sure to have some water beside you because, after a while, it starts to get gross. On second thought, you might want to also have a towel to wipe up your drool. Yikes. 

#66 Eat It or Wear It Challenge

Bring your bib and some extra napkins because this challenge gets messy! The Eat It or Wear It challenge requires you to put random food items into numbered plastic bags. 

Make sure that you can’t see what food item is in each bag. You then have to pick a number at random out of a hat and eat the food that coordinates with the number – or wear it.

Do you have the guts to eat something without knowing what you’re getting into? If not, you have to wear it! The winner of the challenge will have less food on them at the end!

#67 Tin Can Challenge

This is another popular food challenge that is trending online. Contestants will remove the labels on the cans of food and then eat the cans’ contents. 

If you can handle what you’re eating, then good on you, but let me warn you, some of the food can be disgusting. 

The more food you eat, the more points you get! If you spit out the food, you get zero points! Easy enough, right? I wish you the best of luck.

If you’re looking for longer and more challenging challenges, check out this list of 24-Hour Challenges You Can Try For Your Next YouTube Video.

#68 Ghost Pepper Challenge

It’s time to turn up the heat with the Ghost Pepper Challenge! The ghost pepper is known to be one of the spiciest peppers in the world. 

The point of the challenge is to eat the pepper and see how you react. People’s reactions are absolutely hilarious, but I think I might sit this one out.

However, do note that ghost pepper is very spicy and measures at 1,000,000+ Scoville Heat Units (about 416 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper). So, if you or your friends can’t handle that much spice, you can go for some mild chili options, such as bird’s eye chili.

If you believe you have what it takes to handle extreme heat, this is the challenge for you! Just make sure you have lots of milk handy; I heard that helps.

#69 Baby Food Challenge

The baby food challenge is pretty straightforward as these challenges come. You and your friends are going to buy a bunch of baby food and try out each flavor. Which ones do you think will be the best and the worst? 

You can even blindfold each other and try to guess the food. Just don’t forget to record your reactions!

I’m just not sure how I feel about the beef stew. However, I could get on board with a lovely apple sauce.

#70 Smoothie Challenge

The smoothie challenge is such a great challenge, and it can go either really well or really horrible. The point of the challenge is to pick 10 delicious ingredients and 10 not-so-delicious ingredients. 

You can either pick the ingredients out of a hat or spin the smoothie wheel of doom. The players will take turns picking a random ingredient and putting it in a blender. After you’ve chosen a couple of flavors, it’s time to blend it up! 

 I have a feeling this smoothie isn’t going to be very tasty. Try your luck, see who has a better chance, and make a smoothie that won’t make you want to puke afterward!

#71 The 10,000 Calorie Challenge

Do you think you have what it takes to eat 10,000 calories in one meal? Well, the whole point of the 10,000 calorie challenge is to see if you can consume that in one sitting! 

You can modify this and make it 10,000 calories in a day if you want! Pre-warning, though, not a lot of people have been successful at this one.

Who knows, you might be one of the successful challengers!

#72 Sour Challenge

Are you more of a sweet or sour kind of person?

If you answered sweet, then this challenge may be difficult for you. The sour challenge is to eat the sourest candies to see who will be able to react better. 

Trust me, though, involuntary sour faces are sure to occur. You can even try and see if you can make it through the challenge without making a sour face and reacting to what I like to call the sour pain.

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#73 What’s in My Mouth Challenge

This challenge you can either do with a partner or with a group of your friends. The point of the challenge is to blindfold one player and have them guess what you are putting in their mouth. 

This can be anywhere from food (tasty or not) or even weird objects you find around the house!

The blindfolded player will then have to guess what was in their mouth. If they get it right, then they get the point. 

Whoever has the most points after the challenge is done wins! Just be prepared for this challenge to get a little gross. You never know how savage your friends will get with this one.

#74 Pancake Art Challenge

It’s time to get artistic and eat some delicious, delicious pancakes! This challenge has got to be one of my favorites! It’s fun and family-friendly! 

The goal of the challenge is to create pancake art as close to the photo as possible!

You can either use an image for a reference or get creative and make your own designs! Whoever has the best design at the end takes all the glory!

#75 Exploding Watermelon Challenge

The exploding watermelon challenge is another hilarious challenge that I love.

The challenge’s goal is to see how many elastic bands you can fit around a watermelon before it explodes! 

Just make sure to do this one outside. You might also want to bring some safety goggles with you because this challenge is about to blow!

Who do you think will be the winner in having the most elastic bands on their watermelon before it erupts?

#76 McDonald’s Roulette Challenge

This challenge is yet another one for all my food lovers out there. The goal of the challenge is to go to McDonald’s and order exactly what the car in front of you ordered. 

You never know what you’re going to get, and a lot of times, you’ll receive some weird orders that are just downright gross!

#77 Chicken Nugget Challenge

Do you think you could eat 100 chicken nuggets? The goal of the challenge is to see how many chicken nuggets you can eat in one sitting. 

Whoever eats the most chicken nuggets after the allotted period wins! You can play by yourself, or with your friends. How many do you think you could eat?

#76 Saltine Challenge

This challenge is equally as horrible as the cinnamon challenge. The goal of the challenge is to eat 6 saltine crackers in 60 seconds without having any water. If you think this challenge is easy, think again!

#78 Pizza Challenge

If you love pizza as much as I do, then this is the perfect challenge for you! You are going to need one other person for this challenge. 

Each player will make their own pizza, choosing their own ingredients. The goal of the challenge is to make the best-tasting pizza. 

The loser of the challenge will have to eat a disgusting pizza made from random ingredients that don’t work well together.

#79 Guess The Candy Challenge

The Guess the Candy challenge is super easy to do and super delicious!

While blindfolded, your partner will feed you different types of candies that you will have to guess the names of. 

The person who gets the most sweets correct wins the challenge! This game is great to play with your friends and your family.

#80 Oreo Challenge

The Oreo challenge is a fun and easy challenge for people of all ages. In this challenge, there are no winners. 

Instead, you are going to buy a bunch of different and unique Oreo cookie flavors that you haven’t tried before!

#81 Spicy Food Challenge

Get your water ready. You thought the ghost pepper challenge was hard? The spicy noodle challenge is just as bad! 

The challenge is to eat a full bowl of spicy Korean ramen noodles without any milk or water. Do you think you could do this?

#82 Pringles Challenge

Much like the Oreo challenge, we have the Pringles challenge! This challenge is great for trying all your favorite Pringles flavors and ones you haven’t tried before! 

You’d be amazed at all the crazy flavors you can find online! 

#83 Bubble Gum Challenge

How many pieces of bubble gum can you put in your mouth at once?

This challenge aims to put as many pieces of gum in your mouth as possible and see who can blow the biggest bubbles! The one with the biggest bubble wins.

#84 One Bite Challenge

The one bite challenge is where you try to eat a piece of food in one bite! You can try spicy foods, sweets, or even full-sized food items. 

Do you think your mouth is big enough to eat a full burger in one bite?

#85 20-Dollar Meal Challenge

The $20 meal challenge is where you and another participant spend only $20 on ingredients and make a full 3-course meal without going over the budget. 

Whoever makes the best meals wins this challenge! Super easy and entertaining to watch!

#86 Cake Challenge

The cake challenge’s goal is to see who can make the best-looking cake in the allotted period. 

Get as creative as you want with this! You can try this with your friends or family. The choice is up to you!

#87 Yes or No Challenge

Saying yes or no to the food without knowing what it is can be a great challenge. This one is for all the foodies out there. You can do this challenge with your family or friends.

Take turns picking out a food item. The other person has to either eat it or drink it if they say yes. It can be something tasty or really nasty; the choice is yours. If they refuse to eat it or drink it, they get a punishment. This challenge is all about trust and taking risks!

YouTube Challenges To Do Yourself

#88 100-Layer Challenge

The goal of the challenge is to put on 100 layers of something, whether it be lipstick, nail polish, or even layers of hairspray! 

The result is always hilarious and entertaining to watch! What do you think you could do 100 layers of?

#89 Yoga Challenge

This is also such a popular challenge amongst influencers online. The goal of the challenge is to attempt to do yoga poses. 

You can either do this by yourself or try a partner’s yoga challenge! Test your strength and endurance while having fun!

This one is harder than it looks, but you are sure to go viral with this on your list of videos to record.

#90 Brain Freeze Challenge

I’m shivering just thinking about this one! The object of this challenge is to drink and eat as much cold food and beverages as you can and as quickly as you can. 

However, the tricky part of this challenge is that you are sure to get a painful brain freeze—ouch! Whoever finishes their drink or food item the fastest wins the challenge!

#91 Gymnastics Challenge

The gymnastics challenge is very similar to the yoga challenge, except harder if you ask me! 

The goal of the challenge is to do cartwheels, backflips, and more! Do you think you have the athletic ability to do so? I know I definitely don’t. 

Whoever can do the most gymnastics tricks at the end of the rounds wins the challenge! Easy enough, right?

#92 Roast Yourself Challenge

This has got to be one of the most iconic YouTube challenges on the internet to date. The roast yourself challenge requires you to make a song solely to roast yourself. 

Famous YouTubers have gone viral because they bring up all the drama they have with other content creators. The videos are always hilarious.

#93 Coldwater Challenge

The cold water challenge is also one that tests your mental and physical endurance. You can do this challenge by yourself or with another person.

The goal of the challenge is to submerge yourself in a cold tub of water that is filled with ice and see how long you can last without getting out of the tub.

Whoever stays in the tub the longest wins!

#94 Dizzy Challenge

Grab a spinning office chair; it’s time for the dizzy challenge. The challenge is to make yourself as dizzy as possible and then perform an assigned task. 

Just try not to puke with this one! You can do anything from trying to serve a tray full of water while dizzy or running in a straight line. Just remember to be safe and avoid any sharp objects.

#95 Testing Viral Hacks Challenge

The viral hacks challenge can be performed by yourself or with a group of your friends.

The point of the challenge is to try out as many life hacks as you can to see if they actually work! 

Some life hacks are absolutely ridiculous, while others are even helpful. You can get as creative as you want with this. You are sure to go viral with this one!

#96 Let AI Control My Life Challenge

With the unfolding world of AI at the top of many people’s minds, this challenge is a great way to share some funny and unexpected moments with your audience.

Use an AI assistant such as Google, Alexa, or Siri or an AI chatbot such as chat GPT. Throughout the day, ask your AI what you should do for every decision and act on it whenever possible. Don’t forget to film both the questions/answer and yourself doing what the AI tells you!

Record your actions and post them to your YouTube channel to have people view the results!

#97 Eating at the Worst-Rated Restaurant Challenge

Get out your Google Maps and find a place within your area with the worst reviews when it comes to food quality. 

Then go to the place and try out something on the menu to see how bad the food actually tastes while recording your experience!

#98 Going to the Worst Rated Makeup Artist Challenge

This is similar to the challenge above, but instead of getting food, find the worst-rated makeup salon in your area and go get a full face of makeup. 

Make sure to record your experience the whole way through. The results are also so hilarious to watch!

#99 Thrifting Challenge

The thrifting challenge is another significant challenge that you can do by yourself or with a friend. Go to your closest thrift store and pick out an outfit for the other person. 

You will then have to wear that outfit for the rest of the day. Are you going to choose a cool outfit for your friend or something tacky?

#100 Things Only 1% of People Can Do Challenge

Did you know that only 1% of people can do certain things with their bodies? Like licking your elbow, for example! 

In this challenge, people will try out different 1% activities to see if they are part of the 1%! There is no winner in this challenge. But it is still fun and entertaining to do! 

#101 Tiny Hands Challenge

The Tiny Hands Challenge is so hilarious. Instead of using your real hands, you will tape small hands to your sweatshirt and see if you can complete specific tasks. 

It’s harder than it looks! Play by yourself or play with your friends!

# 102 The 100 Shirts Challenge

Have you ever tried to put on 100 shirts all at once? This challenge is another great challenge and is a modified version of the 100-layer challenge we mentioned earlier. 

The challenge’s goal is to put on as many shirts over top of each other as you can. Good luck trying to get out of them!

#103 Jell-O-Bath Challenge

Have you ever tried to bathe in a bath of Jell-O? The goal of this challenge is to make enough Jell-O to fill your bathtub and then sit in it. 

Easy right? And super entertaining to watch! You could even try a pool if you wanted!

#104 Slime Bath Challenge

The slime bath challenge is similar to the Jell-O challenge, except you get to swim in gooey slime! 

Again, this is a super easy challenge to do. And you can do this one with your friends or by yourself! Just try not to make a mess, okay?

#105 Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge

If you know anything about these two items, you will see that they are not meant to go together. When you put the mentos in Diet Coke, it explodes!  

Try filling different containers with mentos to see what kind of coke explosion you can create! Just try not to make a mess!

#106 Asking People to Be Your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend Challenge

This challenge is hilarious! It’s time to get out your best pickup lines and hit the streets.

The goal of this challenge is to go up to random people you see on the street and hit them with your best pickup line. 

Who knows, you might get to meet someone cool! Record people’s different reactions! 

# 107 The 5-Minute DIY Challenge

The 5-minute DIY challenge is excellent for any challenge. You will pick your favorite DIY that you find on Pinterest and see if you can complete the task within 5 minutes!

Trust me, this one is harder than it looks, but it’s super fun.

#108 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

This challenge is more wholesome on the list than others. In this challenge, you have to perform at least one random act of kindness every hour for 24 hours.

Acts of kindness could include buying someone a coffee, complimenting a stranger, or helping someone carry their groceries. Make someone’s day and brighten up your own with this feel-good challenge!

YouTube Challenges for Couples

#109 Partner Does My Makeup Challenge

This one is similar to the above challenge; however, you don’t have to be blindfolded! It’s easy to do, and the results and reactions are entertaining to watch! 

Who doesn’t want to put makeup on their boyfriend or want to have their boyfriend do theirs? Get creative with it!

#110 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Challenge

This challenge is great for all my couples out there!

The challenge’s goal is to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your audience through a series of questions

There is no winner in this challenge, but it is an excellent way for your audience to get to know you and your partner on a personal level!

#111 Boyfriend/Girlfriend vs. Best Friend Challenge

Who knows you better? Your partner or your best friend? The goal of this challenge is to see who can answer the most answers correctly! 

Ask a series of questions about yourself and get as creative as you want to see who knows you better!

#112 Touch My Body Challenge

The Touch My Body challenge is where one player wears a blindfold, and the other touches a part of their body. 

The person who is wearing the blindfold has to guess which part of the body they touched.

Easy right? Whoever guesses the most correctly wins!

#113 Couple vs. Couple Challenge

The couple vs. couple challenge is pretty straightforward. Grab two couples and do a series of challenges to see which couple wins! 

You can even pick a couple of challenges from this list to help you out!

#114 Chapstick Kissing Challenge

This is a great challenge to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. One of the participants will put flavored Chapstick on their lips. 

The other person will have to kiss their lips and guess which flavor of Chapstick they put on!

#115 Couple Yoga Poses Challenge

This challenge is for couples who want to get fit together. In the couple yoga poses challenge, you and your partner have to complete a series of yoga poses.

You can start with easy poses and then work your way up to the more difficult ones. The goal is to see how long you can last and to try new poses that you may not have done before.

This is a great way to bond with your significant other and get a good workout in at the same time. Be prepared for some laughs as you try to contort your bodies into different shapes!

#116 Who Knows Who Better?

This is a great way to test how well you know your significant other! You can do this challenge with any number of couples, but we think it works best with two. 

Each couple will take turns asking each other questions about themselves, and if they get it right, they get a point. The goal is to see who can answer the most questions correctly about their partner. 

This is a great way to see how well you know your partner and make some fun memories along the way.

#117 Expensive vs. Cheap Outfits Challenge

In this challenge, you show yourself wearing an expensive and a cheap version of the same look and let your audience decide which one is better. You’ll need a little money to get started, but these can be a lot of fun for your followers! Check out this example.

#118 Couple Towel Challenge

Couples take a towel each and hold the ends of the towel. The two towels should interlock to form a link. The challenge is for the couple to get free without leaving the towel link. Couples will have to contort their bodies and loop the towels around in different ways to get out of the challenge.

Go ahead and try this towel challenge to test your flexibility and see how well you work together as a team. Be prepared for some laughs along the way!

YouTube Challenges for Kids

#119 Disney Challenge

This challenge is oh-so wholesome if you ask me. The Disney challenge only requires two players. 

The challenge is to listen to a Disney song and then guess which movie it came from and the song’s title as well! If you guess both titles in the allotted amount of time, then you get the point! 

You may think your memory is out of this world, but trust me, this one can get difficult!

#120 Hungry Hippo Challenge

Did you ever play hungry hippos when you were a child? Well, this challenge is just as fun! Grab a couple of your friends and sit around a table. 

You will put a bunch of Skittles or Smarties on the table in a fixed amount of time and see who can pick up the most candies and put them into a glass without using their hands.

Whoever has the most candy at the end of the challenge wins.

#121 Shopping at the Supermarket

Kids can shop for anything they want, but with a few small rules, such as they can only spend $5 or less, they can only choose one item per aisle, or they can’t use a shopping cart.

They can use a list, or they can try to find items on their own. This is a great way to teach kids about budgeting, healthy eating, and how to make good choices.

#122 Fireless Cooking

It is a fun and easy way to get kids involved in the kitchen without using fire. They can cook snacks or meal items using a microwave, toaster oven, slow cooker, hot plate, or even an air fryer. All recipes are under 30 minutes and use kid-friendly ingredients.

The Fireless Cooking Challenge will teach kids about following directions, being creative in the kitchen, and using different appliances safely.

#123 Overnight Stay in Tent

This is a fun challenge for kids who love camping. They have to spend one entire night in a tent in their backyard. The goal is to see how long they can last in a tent overnight.

No parents are allowed in the tent, and they have to bring all the supplies they need for the night. They can even bring their favorite toys and games to keep them occupied, but they have to stay in the tent all night long.

This is a fantastic method to teach youngsters about camping and see how much they can endure being outside. It may even inspire them to go on a real camping trip!

#124 Guess The Chocolate

Kids love chocolates! So, give them a bunch of chocolates and see if they can guess the flavor of each one correctly. The goal is to see how many different types of chocolate they can guess correctly.

You will need a variety of chocolate bars and a blindfold. The child has to take a bite out of the chocolate and then guess what type it is. If they get it right, they get a point.

The child with the most points at the end wins the challenge. Let’s see how well your child knows their sweets!

#125 Treasure Hunt Challenge

This is a great challenge for kids who love to explore. Kids play this game where one clue leads to another, and eventually, they find a “treasure” at the end.

You can also hide items around the house or yard and give them clues to find the treasure. The goal is to see how fast they can find all the hidden treasures.

You can make it more difficult by adding more hiding places or making the clues more challenging.

This is a great way to get kids moving and use their problem-solving skills. It’s also a lot of fun!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, my friends, the most extensive popular YouTube challenges you can do right now! 

If you’re looking to get a lot of views and gain even more followers, these YouTube challenges will not only help you on your way to YouTube fame, but they are also super fun to do! 

The list is versatile enough to work with any niche that you post content in, and a lot of them are age-appropriate! 

Go wild with these, put your own twist on them, and see if you can even come up with your own and become a trendsetter! The choice is yours.

It’s time to go viral, people – let’s get it!

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