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9 Best YouTube Alternatives for Creators and Brands

Welcome back to another blog post, my friends. It’s lovely to see you again! Today, we are going to be talking all about YouTube. Well, sort of. You see, YouTube is fun and all, but what about the creators who want to expand their audiences to other platforms? 

If this sounds like you, you have stumbled across the right blog because today, we will be talking all about YouTube alternatives for creators that will help boost your online presence. 

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

Who doesn’t want to reach as many people as they can with their content? Let’s begin!

Why Should You Worry About YouTube Alternatives?

This can be a touchy subject for many creators, especially those who have built their careers based on their platform. And while it isn’t technically wrong with YouTube, they have some iffy guidelines that raise questions. 

For example, their community guidelines are very inconsistent, so your content could get taken down, even though your content wasn’t suggestive of anything terrible in the first place, and without a proper explanation from YouTube itself. Many creators have come forward with this issue.

However, YouTube never seems to publicly address why they continue to take people’s videos down without proper explanation.

Another problem that many YouTubers face is the unfair penalties they face in terms of monetizing their videos.

For example, regardless of if your video follows community guidelines, YouTube can demonetize your video just because they feel like it. Again, without giving any explanation as to why you are in breach of any rules.

Okay, now that we’ve got that off our chest, let’s take a look at some YouTube alternatives for creators before things get really heated up in here. Let’s begin, shall we?

9 Best YouTube Alternatives for Creators in 2022

  1. Storyfire

The first on our list is called Storyfire. While this platform is very similar to YouTube, it stands out the most because they have less strict community guidelines.

Creators on the platform can actually make more money monetizing their videos compared to what they make on YouTube.

Viewers are able to watch all video content for free without any fees. You can also watch videos on your mobile device through their app if you would like as well. The only negative aspect of this platform is that it is still relatively new in terms of YouTube alternatives for creators. 

And while there are a decent amount of content creators on the platform, you won’t get nearly as many views as you would on YouTube.

However, as the monetization revenue is higher, you can still make a decent amount of money if you are trying to achieve it. This is a trade-off you will have to consider when choosing an alternative platform.

  1. Vimeo

The second on our list of platforms is Vimeo. This is one of the more well-known alternative platforms that everyone should have heard of at least once in their lifetimes. 

In fact, Vimeo is actually one of the largest platforms for video content besides YouTube. You can create and upload content in 4K, just as you would with YouTube, and you are able to customize a URL with your homepage.

Users are provided with stellar insight into their analytics as well. Overall, this is a solid choice for alternative platforms. However, your audience numbers may suffer again. 

Additionally, they don’t have many opportunities for creators to monetize the videos. While this platform is super useful in some respects, it does have its downfall in others.

  1. Vplayed

VPlayed is another fantastic alternative to YouTube for content creators. The platform itself allows you to choose your own monetization options and personalize them to your needs. 

Unlike YouTube, content creators also get full ownership of the content they post. However, to begin posting videos on their platform, you do need to pay a fee upfront to make a profile.

So this is something you will need to decide if it is worth it or not to begin getting started on another platform.

  1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is very similar in terms of its layout and structure.

While new content creators can quickly get accustomed to the platform, one of the downsides about this platform is that only Pro users can upload in HD, limiting to smaller creators who are just starting out. 

Another feature to be aware of is that although this platform has made a name for itself in Europe, it’s not that popular in the US as of right now.

  1. Twitch

Suppose you are a gamer and are looking to create content for Apex Legends or whatever. 

In that case, Twitch is definitely your best option. The most notable feature of Twitch is that you are able to livestream while you are playing so your audience can watch you as you game.

Like YouTube and Dailymotion, creators can also join the partner program that allows them to monetize their videos and audience views. 

However, since the platform has taken off with hundreds of thousands of live streams each day, it may take you a little while to get noticed on the platform. That being said, if you’re good at gaming, you never know. You might get famous overnight!

  1. TikTok

You know we have to give a shoutout to TikTok. The platform that got me through 2020, but also the one that made me buy random crap on Amazon because people that I follow said so. 

TikTok has over 800 million active users on its platform, which is right behind YouTube. I love this platform because you can make short content, do live streams, duet, and collaborate with other content creators.

If you know what you are doing, it is super easy to grow a decent following and get famous on the TikTok platform.

If you are looking for overnight success, TikTok is probably the most reliable video-creating platform that can actually make that happen for you. It is also an excellent way for businesses to interact with their clients and consumers. 

Overall, we love TikTok. You can’t go wrong with this platform. It’s super easy to navigate, there are a lot of trends to hop on, and some great editing tools to enhance your videos. 

  1. DTube

DTube is very similar to YouTube and is perfect for all crypto-currency/content creator lovers out there. At its core, DTube has a very similar layout to YouTube, making it super easy to learn and upload videos. 

If you are thinking about creating content and want to monetize your earnings in crypto-currency, this is the platform for you. The site is also way more secure than YouTube.

Instead of storing all video data on a centralized server, all video data and personal information are stored on a blockchain, meaning no potential data breaches or threats from the interwebs’ hackers.

  1. 9GAG TV

If you are a content creator who is looking to post short snippet videos and to the point, 9GAG TV is a super popular platform where you can do so. All the content is organized and super easy to navigate. 

A lot of other social media platform users will take memes and GIFS directly from 9GAG TV and put them on their profiles. So, if you are looking to make funny videos that are random and weird, check out 9GAG TV!

  1. Patreon

Patreon is another fantastic platform alternative to YouTube that is guaranteed to make you money. However, you may need a following on other video platforms before coming over to Patreon. 

Essentially, Patreon allows you, followers, and subscribers to pay a subscription fee to your profile to view exclusive content, rare content, and access to early videos. 

The subscription is only $1 a month, which is super affordable for any followers you have who want to keep up with more personal videos in your life that they won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many YouTube alternatives for content creators to hop on and grow a following. Depending on what kind of content you create, each platform offers unique features to enhance any content creator’s career. 

YouTube is excellent in all, but it’s time to give other platforms a chance! You never know what could happen when you venture out of your comfort zone and pick a different platform!

Spreading your content across video platforms can also be beneficial to you in terms of monetizing your content later down the line! And there you have it, my friends. Some of the best YouTube alternatives for our content creators out there.

Comment down below if you have any other suggestions I didn’t cover this time. Thanks for reading, and good luck creating those new content videos!

Bye for now!

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