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Why Aren’t My YouTube Videos Getting Views?

It’s every YouTuber’s dream to have their videos go viral, but sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, your videos just don’t get the views you want.

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It can be frustrating when your videos don’t get the views you think they deserve. After all, you pour your heart and soul into your content, so it’s only natural to want others to enjoy it. 

If you’re wondering, why aren’t my YouTube videos getting views? there are a few potential explanations.

Why Aren’t My YouTube Videos Getting Views?

Poor SEO, lousy video quality, insufficient promotion, inconsistency, or lack of interesting content are all factors to consider if your YouTube videos aren’t getting views. Even if just one of these is a problem, it can be enough to prevent you from getting the views you’re looking for.

Let’s take a closer look at 10 potential issues and how you can fix them.

#1 No YouTube Optimization

If you’re not optimizing your videos for SEO, you’re missing out on a lot of potential views.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. In fact, between 200 and 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! With so much competition on the platform, optimizing your videos is imperative if you want them to show up at the top of search results.

So, if you’re not optimizing your videos for YouTube’s algorithm, your videos are going to be buried beneath all of the other videos that are.

This means your videos do not appear in search results when people search.

Just uploading a video and hoping for the best is not enough. You need to take steps to ensure that as many people are seeing your videos as possible. 

How to fix it:

If you want your videos to be seen by YouTube users, you need to optimize them for the search algorithm.

One of the most important things you can do is to choose descriptive and keyword-rich titles for your videos.

Your title should be descriptive so that viewers have an idea what your video is about. It should also include relevant keywords so that people can find your video when searching.

In addition, you need to make sure that you use tags to provide additional information about your video’s content and that you have a good description. 

#2 Not Consistent with Your Content

One of the biggest mistakes YouTubers make is being inconsistent with their content.

They might start off uploading videos about one topic but then switch to a completely different topic. This can confuse viewers and make it difficult to gain a following. 

Just put yourself in your viewers’ shoes. Let’s say one day you come across an excellent video about your favorite topic: car repair hacks. The video is super helpful, and when you check out the creator’s channel, you find even more helpful car repair hack videos. So you subscribe. Well, if the next week the creator starts posting videos about how to groom a cat’s toenails, you’ll probably stop following because that’s not what you signed up for. Unless you happen to also need to know about grooming cats’ toenails, in which case, maybe you’ll stick around. But the smart thing for that creator to do would be to create a separate channel for their kitty toenail tips and leave the car repair hacks to the car repair hack enthusiasts. 

It’s essential to be clear about what kind of videos you want to upload and stick to that theme. That way, your viewers know what to expect from your channel and are more likely to subscribe and watch your videos.

Furthermore, if you’re not consistently uploading videos, it will be hard to build an audience. People won’t know when to expect new content from you, and they’ll likely forget about you altogether.

How to fix it:

If you want to grow your channel and get more views, you need to be consistent with the topics you cover and how often you post. That way, people will know what to expect from your videos and be more likely to watch them all the way through.

Also, upload at least one video per week so your channel stays active, and people don’t forget about you. If possible, create a fixed schedule for your YouTube videos and mention that in your videos. It will help your viewers to know when a new video is coming, and they will start looking forward to when the next one comes out.

#3 Not Making Content for Your Audience

Another common mistake YouTubers make is not making content for their desired audience. Instead, they make videos that they think are cool or that they believe will go viral without considering what value they’re offering to their viewers.

If you’re not making content relevant to your target audience, it’s no wonder your videos aren’t getting views.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take into account what your viewers actually want to see.

You need to make sure that you understand your audience and that you’re creating content that they actually want to watch. If you’re not giving them the content they’re looking for, they won’t watch your videos. 

How to fix it:

The best way to ensure that your videos get views is to make content your audience wants to watch.

Research your target audience. Understand what kinds of videos they are really interested in. If you’re trying build a community of vegan recipe enthusiasts, what kind of recipes? Quick and easy dinners? Made-from-scratch masterpieces? Are they people you want to taget male, female, old, young, all of the above? Why should they come to your channel?

One way to do this is to look at the comments on other popular videos in your niche and see what people say. Are there any common themes or topics that people are interested in?

You can also use keyword research tools to find out what people are searching for on YouTube. Use these keywords to create videos that address those topics and use the SEO tips to optimize them.

#4 Video Thumbnail Is Not Engaging

The thumbnail is the first thing people see when they come across your video in search results or on your channel page. If your thumbnail is not engaging, people are less likely to click on it.

How to fix it:

Your YouTube thumbnail should be relevant and visually appealing. Make sure that your thumbnail is professional, high-quality, and attention-grabbing. 

You can upload a custom thumbnail when you upload your video or choose from a selection of thumbnails that YouTube generates automatically.

#5 Video Is Too Long

Another common reason why YouTube videos don’t get views is that they’re too long.

While there is no ideal video length, most experts agree that shorter videos are more likely to be watched all the way through. People are often people are often too busy for lengthy videos, and these days people tend to have shorter attention spans and are more likely to get bored if a video is too long.

If you want people to watch your videos, you need to make sure that they’re the right length.

How to fix it:

The best way to determine the ideal length for your YouTube videos is to experiment and see what works best for your audience.

Start by making a few videos of different lengths and see how people respond. Which videos get more views and comments?

You can also look at the average view duration for your videos in YouTube Analytics. If people are only watching your videos for a few minutes and then exiting, that’s a good indication that they’re too long.

#6 Poor Video and Audio Quality

In today’s day and age, viewers have a lot of choices when it comes to the content they watch. They can just close your video and watch the next one in a few clicks.

If your videos have poor video and audio quality, people are going to click away quickly. This affects your video, and the YouTube algorithm will be less likely to recommend it to other viewers.

How to fix it:

If you want people to watch your videos, you need to make sure they’re engaging, of good quality, and the sound is properly audible.

That means investing in a good camera and microphone and taking the time to edit your videos so that they look and sound their best.

#7 Low Audience Retention

This is a big problem, and it’s one of the main reasons why most YouTube videos don’t get views. If people are clicking away from your videos before they’re even halfway through, it’s a sign that your content is not engaging.

This could be for a number of reasons, including poor video or audio quality, extremely long videos, boring content, or irrelevant ads.

If viewers aren’t interested in your content, they’re not going to watch it. And if they’re not watching it, they’re not going to share it or recommend it to others.

How to fix it:

Take a look at some of your favorite YouTubers and see what makes their videos so captivating. 

There are a few things you can do to improve audience retention and keep people watching your videos. Here are my five favorite tips for creating engaging content:

  • Make your videos well-organized and easy to follow. No one wants to watch a video that is all over the place.
  • Try to make your videos as engaging as possible. Use humor, tell stories, and ask questions to keep people’s attention. You should also try to shoot from different angles and add transitions to break the monotony.
  • Use visuals to enhance your message. People are more likely to watch a video that is visually appealing.
  • End your videos with a call to action. Tell people what you want them to do after they finish watching your video.
  • Make sure that your videos are high quality, and try to limit the number of ads in your videos.

#8 You are Not Engaged with Your Audience

Another reason why your videos might not be getting views is that you’re not engaged with your audience.

If you’re not interacting with the people who are watching your videos, they’re not going to stick around for long.

You need to show your viewers that you care about them and that you’re interested in what they have to say.

How to fix it:

The best way to do this is to respond to comments on your videos. Thank people for their positive comments and engage in conversations with those who have questions or criticism.

You should also make an effort to connect with your viewers on other platforms and in other places on the internet. The more you engage with them, the more likely people are to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

#9 You’re Not Promoting Your Videos

A lot of YouTubers make the mistake of thinking that once they’ve uploaded a video, their job is done.

They sit back and wait for the views to come rolling in, but they don’t realize that they need to promote their videos if they want them to be seen.

If you’re not promoting your videos, nobody is going to see them. Just because you’ve uploaded a video doesn’t mean that people are automatically going to find it and watch it.

You need to be proactive and promote your videos on social media, forums, blogs, and anywhere else you can think of. The more people you can get to see your videos, the more views you’re going to get.

How to fix it:

The best way to promote your videos is to share them on social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are great places to start.

You can also promote your videos on forums and blogs. If you have a website, be sure to embed your videos on there as well.

YouTube also uses engagement metrics, such as views, comments, and likes, to determine how popular a video is and whether or not it should be ranked highly in the search results.

That’s why it’s so important to promote your videos and get as many views, likes, and comments as you can.

#10 You’re Not Analyzing Your Videos

Lastly, if you’re not taking the time to analyze your videos, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not.

You need to track things like views, comments, and shares to see what’s resonating with your audience.

How to fix it:

There are a number of analytics tools you can use to track your videos. Google Analytics is a good option, or you can use YouTube’s built-in analytics tool.

Make sure to track things like views, comments, and shares so that you can see what’s working and what’s not.

These are just some of the reasons why your YouTube videos might not be getting views.

If you’re having trouble getting views, take a look at your videos and see if any of these tips can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my videos suddenly not getting views?

If your new videos aren’t getting as many views as the old ones, it might be due to a YouTube algorithm change or because your videos are no longer relevant to your audience.

Can YouTube views go down?

Yes, YouTube views can go down if a YouTube audit takes place on your video. When a video starts to get more views suddenly, YouTube will check to see if the views are real. If they determine that the views are fake, they will remove them.

Can I watch my own YouTube video to get 4000 watch hours?

Absolutely not. You cannot watch your own YouTube video to get 4000 watch hours, and trying that might lead to a ban.

Final Words

If you’re not getting views on your YouTube videos, it could be for a number of reasons.

Maybe your videos aren’t high quality, maybe you’re not promoting them enough, or maybe you’re not engaged with your audience.

Whatever the reason may be, there are a number of things you can do to fix it. Be sure to check out these tips so that you can start getting the views you deserve.

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